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HRDC's Road to Home Down Payment Assistance Program Information

This information is to help households, lenders, and realtors determine if a loan will meet the down-payment assistance requirements of The Road to HOME. It is an estimation tool, not a substitution for the guidelines.


Borrower Eligibility:
  • The household must qualify as a first-time home buyer as defined by MBOH.

  • No one in the household can currently own residential property.

  • The household must complete Homebuyer Education.

  • The household cannot exceed the income guidelines for the program.

  • The household must meet their required contribution of 1% of the purchase price.

  • There are limits on the household's Net Assets after closing.  Please inquire as to what those limits are.

Financing Eligibility:
  • Only an MBOH first can be used. RD Direct and VA are allowed in certain situations.

    • Recapture tax may be applicable on MBOH loans if sold before 9 years.

  • The purchase price cannot exceed the HOME limits.

  • The home must be and remain the household's primary residence and will need to be certified each year.

  • The total loan to value (including down-payment assistance) less than 105%.

  • The proposed interest rate must be and remain fixed for the entire term of the loan and cannot exceed MBOH loan percentage rate by more than 1.5 points.

  • The proposed front-end ratio must be between 28% and 32%.

  • The proposed back-end ratio must be less than 42%.

Property Eligibility:
  • The property must be currently owner-occupied or vacant for the last 90 days.  It cannot be tenant occupied.

  • The property must be inspected by a certified home-inspector. 

  • The property must “PASS” the HRDC Housing Quality Inspection.​

June 2023 Income Limits 

                         Gallatin Co.- 80%              Park Co.- 80%           

1 person-               $58,950                             $49,000   

2 people-              $67,350                              $56,000  

3 people-              $75,750                              $63,000  

4 people-              $84,150                               $70,000 

5 people-              $90,900                             $75,600 

6 people-              $97,650                              $81,200    

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