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What We Do

The Southwest Montana Community Housing Trust is a program of HRDC that utilizes the Community Land Trust Model to maintain affordability for future generations.


To help residents thrive, HRDC works to preserve and build homes across the housing continuum, from homelessness to homeownership. We know the Community Land Trust Model benefits the whole community by creating opportunities for locals to put down roots and build economic and social stability across the region. CLT homes provide a strong foundation for households earning moderate incomes from diverse fields needed to keep our local economy running, such as caregiving, education, the public sector, and small business or providing security in retirement.

About Us

The first to use the Community Land Trust (CLT) model in Montana, HRDC, District IX has been developing homeownership opportunities in Southwest Montana since 1995. Primarily focused on Gallatin, Park, and Meagher Counties, we have over 60 homes across the region held in CLT. With three separate neighborhoods and a handful of growing scattered site locations, we work all the way through the process from development and sales to ongoing stewardship for more than 100 current residents.


As a community action agency HRDC, District IX supports the needs of the community we serve. You can learn more about HRDC on our main website.


The CLT program is primarily supported by HRDC’s Community Development team. Please reach out to Mindy DeCosse, HRDC’s Community Development Program Coordinator.

Board of Directors

The Southwest Montana Community Housing Trust is directed by HRDC's board of directors. HRDC is governed by a fifteen-member Board of Directors, representing our customers, community, public organizations, local government, and private businesses. Consisting of three parts, our Board is represented by elected public officials, low-income individuals, and local community members. Our Board has a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, and we are grateful for their commitment to building a better community. 

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